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Elk & Me, 810 High st, Thornbury, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Nellie specialises in mood disorders, such as anxiety, depression, stress, memory, and insomnia and also has experience and personal interest in helping people with skin conditions. Nellie treats a person holistically, looking at the entire person. In comprehensive consult and using tools such as functional pathology, Neuro-questionnaire, Live blood screening (Hemaview) and iridology. As both Medical Herbalist and Naturopath, I love using botanical medicine along side lifestyle and nutritional advice to empower people to feel better.

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Donelle Crocker 
Naturopath & Medical Herbalist

Elk & Me
Therapies and Dispensary
810 High St,

Nellie is available Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

For appointments phone: 0449884912  
email: donellecrocker@gmail.com

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