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Nellie specialises in mood disorders, such as anxiety, depression, stress, memory, and insomnia and also has experience and personal interest in helping people with skin conditions. Nellie treats a person holistically, looking at the entire person. In comprehensive consult and using tools such as functional pathology, Neuro-questionnaire, Live blood screening (Hemaview) and iridology. As both Medical Herbalist and Naturopath, I love using botanical medicine along side lifestyle and nutritional advice to empower people to feel better.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hi! I’m Nellie Nature and I am a qualified Naturopath and Medical Herbalist.

My passion for Natural Health started as a little girl in NZ with my nanny who used fresh herbs to heal, her love and knowledge more than  inspired me. I wish I could say that it has always been happy sailing, I have gone through a few health concerns with one of the biggest being very severe acne.  At the time I was doing “everything right “You know, ticking all the boxes!  I was vegeterian, macrobiotic, meditated and did kickboxing, yet I had this horrible inflamed skin. Thats when, luckily, I meet my first Naturopath and she taught me two of my biggest lessons when it comes to health

1.    That my body was not “letting me down”  but working really well and letting me know something wasn’t working on the inside so I now had the opportunity to fix it.
2.    That there is no one diet or answer for everybody.

My approach to health and happiness begins with the idea that  we are all individuals , special and unique and need to treat our bodies with love, honesty  and compassion to achieve the health and happiness. I now  realise we need to nurture and nourish our bodies and have fun sometimes too. The mind is so important and our relationship with ourselves, our food and our environment is too. It’s exciting to help people feel better to let go of their judgements on themselves and to breath.

Yes, sometimes you need to shake things up a little, look at what you are eating , get moving and even think a little differently; we all deserve to feel amazing and we all can!

 Our bodies are constantly trying to reach a balance and our diet and  lifestyle should reflect this. I work with my patients to help them reach their health goals , reduce stress , ease inflammation and reach a place where they feel energetic , calm,  happy and in control. A place where they celebrate life. Feeling good about themselves.

When I was working at an exclusive spa in Thailand, I got to treat some  high profile guests. One of my favourites that I got to meet was Raymond Blanc.  I love his approach to food and will always remember him saying to a room full of executives, celebrities and models, that “as far as he was concerned,  food  should be an act of love for yourself and your family and serving up premade prepackaged frozen food was an act of hate” 

So eat, live, move and think with love and respect for yourself, your environment and your future.

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